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BIM is becoming the de facto deliverable for the design, construction and management of a facility throughout its life-cycle. The UK Government is requiring collaborative 3D BIM in digital format for all Government project by 2016.

BIM adoption has suffered from several misconceptions:

  • It’s a Fad
  • It is overhyped
  • Simple 3D drawings are sufficient
  • It is only feasible for large projects

Reality of BIM:

  • Digital design through Digital Construction —"one version of the truth"
  • Collaborative process — validation, conflict detection
  • Better decision making
  • Risk reduction
  • Validation of as-built
  • Facility management— lower maintenance costs, energy efficiency design and savings

Scan to BIM uses the 3D Point Cloud obtained from a scanning survey as a template to accurately and efficiently model the existing structures and components into a 3D BIM Model.

SANE offers a variety of scanning and BIM modeling services to help you with your BIM projects:

  • 3D Scanning with Point Cloud deliverable
  • 3D Scanning and initial BIM modeling to help jumpstart your project. We get you started and you take over where it makes since.
  • Complete Scan to BIM model creation based in your specific scope of work.