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Accurate and up to date as-built data for existing facilities is critical to planning, maintenance, daily operations, planned renovations, modifications or expansions. Knowing what you have, where it is located, how it configured and how changes might effect it or surrounding facilities is vital to operations. However, obtaining accurate, updated drawings or models can be a enormous effort, especially for older facilities that might not have any existing drawings or what they do have is so outdated that it is useless. Maintaining, validating or creating new as-built documents has historically been a labor intensive process that involved manual measurements and drawing creation or validations. Often, drawings are only updated for areas where equipment or structures have been modified or worse yet, not updated at all.

3D Laser Scanning technology is changing the way as-built surveys and documentation are created and maintained. Laser Scanners capture millions of point measurements in minutes. These measurement points are combined into a 3D image, called a Point Cloud, of all existing features. Walls, ceilings, doors, columns, rafter, floors, piping, duct work, electrical components, etc. are captured by the laser scanner and accurately measured and placed in 3D space. The technology captures everything in the line of sight of the scanner. By moving the laser scanner throughout the facility a highly accurate 3d image can be collected of the entire facility. Software allows you to “walk” through the virtual facility and even take measurements.

While the Point Cloud created by the scanner can be used to virtually explore the existing facility in 3D, the data can also be utilized by CAD software and BIM (Building Information Modeling) applications to extract 2D or 3D features. Accurate 2d floor plans, drawings and BIM features/components can be efficiently extracted from the Point Cloud data. What once took untold hours of manual measurements, notes and hand drawings can now be completed in a fraction of the time and cost. SANE conducts as-built documentation surveys on almost any facility imaginable. Buildings, homes, factories, power plants, historic structures, furnaces, boilers, kilns, mines, quarries, stockpiles, etc.

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