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3D Laser Scanning

Sane Technology Solutions - 3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning combines a laser’s ability to focus light very accurately and radar’s ability to calculate distances to create a rapid 3D measurement platform. This fusion of laser and radar technology is often called LiDAR or 3D Laser Scanning.

The technology has numerous advantages over traditional measurement techniques.

  • Speed: Collects millions of measurement points in minutes. Shorter outage times
  • Safety: Allows operators to remain in a safe location while scanner reaches long distances
  • Density: Captures millions of measurements to create a 3D “Point Cloud” of measurements
  • Point Clouds: Resulting Point Clouds feed modeling and analysis applications
  • Documentation: Captures as-built conditions. Document renovations, modifications, additions
  • Cost Savings: Faster data collection, shorter down time, faster modeling/analysis

SANE deploys innovative 3D scanning services that makes inaccessible or rigorous data collection possible. Our use of “reality capture” technology and state of the art so ware allows us to work in ‘active’ space with li2le to no disruption of production. This is due to our unique ability to scan and register datasets without the use of ‘targets’. Projects that were once considered cost-prohibitive or overwhelming are now becoming a reality.

We offer a full range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Scan to BIM services
  • As-built Documentation Surveys
  • New Construction Documentation / BIM Validation
  • Historical Preservation / Restoration
  • Unique Space Capture
  • Tank, Boiler, Furnace, Kiln Inspection
  • Mining, Quarry, Stockpile – Volume Calculations